British Business Etiquette

British Business Etiquette

Alongside our TEFL program, we also provide all the non-British companies and organisations a special British Business Etiquette training.

People’s values and attitude reflect their thoughts and behaviour, which are usually also a reflection of our culture. And, while cultures can differ even between neighbouring countries this is especially true for intercontinental cultures.

Knowing and understanding the attitudes, values, and behaviour is of utmost importance when entering a business relationship with a foreign company. It is true that the globalisation did diminish the detrimental effect of cultural differences between companies to some extent, but in dealing with international companies and organisations we still witness many unpleasant situations as a result of the ignorance of the cultural differences.

Things like corporate and social responsibilities, punctuality, business dress code, gift giving, and even bribery are just some of the factors that often affect how successful the communication and relationship between two companies is.

To help companies communicate with their foreign counterparts effectively, we integrate our British Business Etiquette training in our core consulting and training services, but also provide it as an independent training service.

Interested in mastering British Business Etiquette?